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Tom Wiltzius is a highly experienced executive consultant with trusted C-suite relationships across industries, Tom is known for his unique combination of practical strategies and innovative approaches.

With nearly 30 years of demonstrated effectiveness, Tom assists executives and the teams they lead with opportunities to enhance performance, develop key contributors, resolve challenges, and capture market opportunities.

Approachable, attentive, caring and quick, Tom is seen by clients as a keen, sensitive and practical advisor who can be trusted in all ways to address client needs, maintain confidentiality, and guide effectively.



Emily Wiltzius is an innovative leader with trusted relationships across industries. She is known for her strategic insight, ability to assist executive’s initiatives, and accelerate company performance.

Emily wakes up every morning with a purpose and goal to ensure as many employees as possible are inspired to go into work each day, feel safe and are being developed once there, and leave each afternoon fulfilled in the work they do. She works with motivated executives and organizations as partners in order to achieve this mission and goal.

Emily specializes in working with emerging leaders and their management team, assisting inter-generational organizations with succession and development, and connecting like-minded individuals through round tables and other forms of networking.

Shaking Hands


Out team regularly leverages the relationships we hold with trusted and experienced local and national consultants. If we are unable to assist directly, Wiltzius Associates will recommend a vetted consultant for your needs.

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